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If customers aren't leaping to buy your brilliant stuff, it's likely the way you are presenting it (the look, feel, and messaging), and it's costing you SALES! Our BUYER INFLUENCING Brand Psychology Formula™ will ensure that people really want to buy what you have to offer - getting money into your business in as fast as 48 hours! 

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Our Brand Psychology Success Systems™ take you all the way from brilliant busineåss idea to sustainable business model in as little as 90 days! Start building "on brand" content that speaks for you 24/7 alongside A-Level Graphic Design Assets that get you noticed! 


Build irresistible products and services, explore your Brand Archetype for a deeper connection with your target audience, create visuals designed to dazzle, and more! Master Your Brand™ with daily, weekly, and 1:1 private access to our team!


Our Impact Momentum™ strategies will get you going quickly! We'll assess your current brand to see what is, and isn't, working, Then "Jump Start" your cash flow with creative and attractive solutions that SELL!

That means more SALES, more CLIENTS and better RETENTION almost instantly! 

I interviewed numerous branding agencies before I selected BARRCODE Branding and I’m extremely grateful that I did. Wendy & Sara are like creative mad scientists bouncing extraordinary ideas off of each other. I’ve been in the travel business for a few years with no structure but these ladies gave me so much clarity. They are such a delight to work with and I just love their authentic and fun sense of humor. When it comes to branding these ladies get it!

Kyia Mobley

Travel Expert

Here are Just a Few of the Proven Strategies instantly available to you in the first 30 days!

Yes! - The SUPER-SIMPLE™ shifts you can make that will increase your sales volume by 100x. 


Yes! - The Top-Secret way to convert a prospective buyer who is “on the fence” into a lifelong, loyal customer and client.


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Yes! - The STAND-OUT™ Strategies to position your product offer to bring in more customers and clients without any additional ad budget expense.


Yes! - How to AVOID the #1 Mistake most business owners make with their product offer, costing them way too much time and money.


Yes! - The POWER-PLAY™ positioning tactics that will quickly leave your competition in the dust as you take the lead.


Yes! - How to FAST-TRACK your product offer to reduce your marketing costs by up to 200%


BONUS! Includes IMMEDIATE LIVE WEEKLY STRATEGY! Get the same real-time support and unique solutions our satisfied clients are using to increase their INCOME 2x, 3x, even 10x!

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We want you to DREAM BIG! What does A PRODUCT OFFER that SELLS ITSELF do for you and your business?


Want to see your products and services making a GLOBAL IMPACT and being used all over the world?

How about building a wonderful LEGACY, not just for now, but for the future?

Maybe it's more PERSONAL and simply makes it easy for you to provide for your loved ones without worry?

Possibly, it's about enjoying the lifestyle and FINANCIAL FREEDOM often reserved for the highly successful? 

This is the very best time to think outside the box and really explore what’s possible for you and your future in business and in life!

You’re going to make me cry…, this is so much bigger than putting a label on a product. In one strategy session, you have solved a 15-year struggle for me and now I see how to bring all of my business visions into one cohesive and unique brand!


Patricia Starr

Essential Starr


I now have a new look and feel along side "on-brand" content and communication with my existing and Abundant new clients! Literally 100x the new clients in just a few months! Thanks for everything!


Erin Leidy

Missing Piece

Look at me now!! You have taken my company from "...don't call us, we'll call you..." to Top Shelf presentation in the marketplace! Thank you for producing such beautiful and professional branding and packaging design!


Carla Boyd

Hempway Foods

Plus, Immediate Access to all of our BRAND PSYCHOLOGY Success Systems

We use our Brand Psychology Success Systems™ to help you gain instant credibility, recognition and trust so that you can - Charge MORE!  Make MORE!  Live MORE!

Includes LIVE WEEKLY MEETINGS for real-time support and unique solutions

Get the EXACT strategies our BRAND MASTERY™ clients are using to double, triple & quadruple their INCOME

  • Namestorming™ 

    FIRST, create a stand-out, head-turning, stop-you-in-your-tracks, Brand Name for your irresistible offer. Regularly $797

  • Profit Booster™ Brand Assessment

    SECOND, effectively position your offer so that you can attract your Ideal Client, and MAKE MORE MONEY!! Regularly $497

  • Jump Start Your Cash Flow™

    THIRD, the ‘how many’ and ‘how much’ of getting money into your business fast! Regularly $997

  • Business Foundation™ Course

    FOURTH, Build, Grow, and Scale your amazing business! Regularly $2997

  • Target Audience Personas™

    FIFTH, locate and identify your ideal client to attract qualified customers with ease! Regularly $497

  • Independent Market Research™

    SIXTH, provide effective solutions your market really wants to buy! Regularly $497

  • Archetyping Our Secret Sauce...

    SEVENTH, explore your unique brand archetype, and discover exactly how to use them to boost sales! Regularly $797

  • Build Your Brand Codebook™

    EIGHTH, take an honest look at your current business branding to determine if it’s really designed to compete effectively in your marketplace! Regularly $497

  • Activate Your Brand™ 

    NINTH, copywriting and content creation focused on emails, social posts, blogs, website, stage speaking and more! Regularly $597

  • Brand Mastery™ Live Strategy

    LIVE WEEKLY! Get real-time support and unique solutions to accelerate your business growth to a higher level of success! Regularly $4997

TOTAL VALUE = $9997++


UNLIMITED ACCESS for $97 /mo (reg. $297 /mo)  CANCEL ANYTIME!

OUR "Risk Free" GUARANTEE: Not Over The Moon Impressed? CANCEL ANYTIME!


Business partners for decades, Wendy & Sara have helped small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, triple their clients and grow MULTIPLE 6/7-figure businesses.


Wendy established herself as a brand and marketing expert to businesses such as MTV, RCA & Jive Records, Allure Magazine, Miramax, Rockefeller Center, P Diddy & MORE! She has helped dozens of business owners reach the 7/8-figure mark and many more reach the 6-figure mark. 


Sara's expertise includes consulting with Fortune 500 companies including Ball Corp., Oracle, Intrado, and a number of non-profits, as well. All with the goal of helping to increase effective messaging, both internally and externally.


It's Your Turn!


Us! - Our Brand Psychology Success Formula™ digs deep and wide for rapid results!

them... canned information that doesn’t apply…

Us! - Easy access to personalized resources and support so you can level-up as fast as you want!

them... jump through hoops to get to the next step...

Us! - We are available to strategize your "need it now" goals in real time!

them... watch the training video and fill out a help form...

Us! - See fast changes in your calendar and bank account as proof of your A-Level branding!

them... just stay in the process and we'll talk again, soon...

Us! - Graphic design assets built to showcase you and your products/services! (upgrade required)

them... sorry, we don't do that... 

Us! - A full service agency recognized in the top 5%

them... lots of theory and hype...

Us! - Powerful client base that includes big names like MTV, Oracle, Allure Magazine, and MORE!

them... trust us, we're "experts"...


Us! Us! Us! - 1:1 Innovative Custom Strategies and Design to help you STAND OUT in a crowded marketplace!

What's it all Worth?

Mix and Match coaching program X + marketing "guru" Y + discount logo design Z = $ life savings down the drain...
High Priced Exclusive Design Agency = $120k to start

BRAND MASTERY™ STARTING VALUE of over $30,000 = Yours for ONLY $97/mo

OUR "Risk Free" GUARANTEE: Not Over The Moon Impressed? CANCEL ANYTIME!

Rave Reviews

"There is only one way to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your industry leaders. You must look like you belong there!"


BCB Core Value

We're not bragging, but this is GOOD STUFF and everyone is talking about it!

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