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Who is Barrcode Branding?

Barrcode Branding is the culmination of some of the most brilliant minds in the areas of graphic and packaging design, business development, and online marketing. Founder, Wendy Barr, believes that business branding dictates and drives all business efforts from programs, products, services and marketing to culture, people and client interaction. 


Wendy is a brand visionary and has helped small businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants, triple their clients and grow multiple 6/7/8-figure businesses.


Wendy has an MS in branding & packaging design and established herself early on as a brand and marketing expert to businesses such as MTV, RCA & Jive Records, Allure Magazine, Miramax, Rockefeller Center, P Diddy & MORE! 


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Rave Reviews

"There is only one way to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your industry leaders. You must look like you belong there!"


Barrcode Branding Core Value

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I provide strategy and support to businesses everyday. I was impressed to realize that Barrcode Branding serves every business owners needs – even mine! I’ve had several epiphanies throughout the process and can see how my new branding positions me to take a top spot among my industry leaders!

Tammy Lane


I enjoyed working with Wendy, and her team. They've got the processes down to make things run smoothly. And their creativity is off the charts. I now have so many new design assets! My new personal brand really speaks to who I am! I recommend BCB to anyone ready to propel their business to the next level!

Brad Friedman

The Friedman Group

Look at me now!! Barrcode Branding has taken this company from "...don't call us, we'll call you..." to Top Shelf presentation in the marketplace! Thank you for producing such beautiful and professional branding and packaging design!


Carla Boyd

Hempway Foods

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