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Yes, you understand that it takes time to become successful and profitable, but the fact remains that you need EFFECTIVE, RELEVANT BRANDING, and you need it NOW!


So, let’s develop habits, systems, & work-flows that MAKE YOU MONEY!

  • COMPETE with industry LEADERS.

  • ATTRACT your IDEAL client with ease.

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Move your business forward and prepare yourself for the SUCCESS you deserve. 

Profit Booster Brand Assessment

Our Profit Booster Brand Assessment is a unique, proprietary process. We'll help you Explore your BRAND IDENTITY and WHO you are in the marketplace.

  • Explore Your Brand Identity

    Understand the value of having RELEVANT, COMPELLING, and CONSISTENT Branding.

  • Basic Business Foundation

    It’s vital that you have an intelligent business plan, know your target market, and understand your competition.

  • Assess Your Business Name

    Naming your business or products is a serious matter. The name you choose can play an integral part in the marketing of your company.

  • Define Your Business Voice

    Review the classic business archetypes to develop a deep connection with your target market.

  • Your Unique Business Branding

    Remember, effective Branding works for you every minute of everyday. What is your brand position in the marketplace?

  • Reasons To Rebrand

    A branding makeover is one of the best ways to RE-engage
    your existing clientele and extend your market share.

Rave Reviews

We're not bragging, but this is good stuff and everyone is talking about it!

BARRCODE Branding is an experienced professional staff of creative people who are committed to making you look like a superstar. They are easy to work with and only have your best interest in mind. I will continue to work with them in the future. 


 Vickie Griffith


I appreciated the video explanations and communications from Wendy and her team. It made the process less mysterious and allowed us to move quickly through to completion.




Jack Allen

Jack Allen, PhD Dynamic Coaching, LLC

“BARRCODE Branding has delivered everything I could have hoped for and with such ease and friendliness! I HIGHLY recommend them for whatever your branding needs but especially if you’re just getting started and need that caring support. I will be staying with them for my future needs for sure!”

Avis Attaway

Life Source Solutions

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